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Angel Morgan

Welcome To My World!

Animal Communicator

SINCE 2002

Wildlife Work

Angel offers the highest quality, accuracy, compassion, and care for all your animal needs.

A message from Angel


Having walked this path for so long I have come to realize that all the teaching in the world pales in comparison to being in the presence of an animal and gaining what they have to offer in experience, insight, and perspective. 

It has become one of my mandates to help us all understand that we are intuitive by nature. It is imperative each of us connects in our own way to better our lives and the lives of generations to come for both humans, plant life, and animals alike. 

This is why I would like the opportunity to offer, as a volunteer, my unique skills as an animal communicator for 4 sessions virtually or in-person with one or more animals of your choice to see how they are or go deeper into something they may be experiencing that requires guidance.


Helping you and your staff delve deeper into their own intuitive abilities and knowledge of animals and to help the wards of your facility find more comfort, balance, and depth in their relationship and stay with you. 

How will this benefit all of us?


The Animals in your care...

My work will be to connect to your animals and deeply see how they are feeling, what their needs are from their perspective, and to make myself available for anything energetic you may wish assistance with. I work with many animal healing modalities and have a roster of wonderful healers I work with.  


For you and your staff...

Quality information that can enhance and enrich the lives of your animal tenants in a unique way. Deep understanding of what your animal friends are thinking, validation of your own knowings of situations, history of the animal before its arrival at your facility, its needs and wants that may go deeper than the physical. tips on how to watch for animals connecting to you on an energetic level. 

As an animal communicator...


Each Communicator has a forté. some are exceptional with domestic animals, reptiles, or even arachnids. Although we can connect to all species, my ability to connect to larger animals, exotics, trauma animals, and those requiring psychological help is what I specialize in. I would like to do more of this work and strengthen my calling and fulfill my life's purpose. To aid and enhance the lives of creatures everywhere. 

My Professional History

Having been the official animal communicator for many animal shows like The Canadian Pet Expo and Woofstock, I have learned communications are cross-species. Whether it is domestic or wild each animal communicates in their own special way and needs a communicator who understands them as individuals with spirits, minds, and ways of being that are uniquely theirs.


Over my 20+ years of working and developing my skills as an animal communicator, I have had opportunities with wildlife in various situations. Some have been professional, others have been part of the journey leading me to you today. My experiences have been with Whales, monkeys, parakeets, various species of reptiles, and orangutans. 

I would like to share with you some of my stories, and to let you know I am uniquely qualified to work with you and your facility as a communicator in areas of behavioral and health issues, as energetic support to veterinary services, and energetic healing work (Reiki, Energy Healing, Distance healing) to maintain mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being, end of life services, grief counseling for animals of any species domestic or wild and their owners/handlers.

My gifts are at the services of any who require them from top competitors to zoos, teaching facilities, or wildlife rescue centers. 


When there is a necessity to create a bridge between our worlds, the way to assistant will always present itself...

I look forward to working with you and your animal wards. 


Angel Morgan

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Who is Angel

I am privileged to say I have been trained by some of the leading animal communicators, medicine people, and energetics of our time. 

Having worked all over the world, my unique encounters have helped me to connect to animals in such a way that brings through the sometimes unexpected perspective of that kingdom that we, as humans, need to remember and rediscover. 

Communicating with creatures great and small was a hidden passion as a child. As an adult, my eyes were open to the world of communications as a means to help others. It is a path that has become one of my biggest accomplishments in life.


I now teaching and pass on my knowledge to those who are aspiring, inspired, and upcoming in this unique world of animals. 

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