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What is animal communications?

We are naturally able to talk to animals...


Animal communications is an ancient practice. It is a natural part of who we are, and we do it all the time.

We may not recognize that we do it, but everyday

we are connecting. 

This form of communication enables us to go beyond the physical language we are accustom to using with animals in order to deepen our relationship with them, ourselves, and the earth. 

But what is it, and how is it done?

Animal speak is the ability to communicate with any species, and nature in general without words, through feel, heart centred language, images and connection to the deepest parts of those we are the voices for. 

This is done on four basic levels

Physical - Sit, stay, commands we use every day with our animal friends. Those who are of this level understand our words, can speak clearly through body language, and can use devices to help us understand them. 

Mental - These animals have the capability to send and receive messages through thought. They hear every word you think, and see every picture you have in your mind that you have experienced or created. 

Emotional - These friends are spectacular at taking what you feel on the inside and responding to that. They don't need words. Families and trainers of these pet pals need to become emotionally aware on deep levels to truly appreciate these gifted ones. 

Spirit - Our friends that communicate on this level can speak to them on every level. They are equally adept at each and have the capacity to also dream walk and have a psychic link to their people. They are healers, seers, protectors, and allies on the highest of levels. 

Is there more?

Animal communications goes beyond just speaking to animals on this plane, loved one who have crossed over the rainbow bridge.


It extends into the realm of spirit animals, dream walking with animal spirit guides, akashic record work and so much more. The animal kingdom is still being explored by todays communicators by going back into the past to work with elders from many countries who have kept alive the traditions of their people and the honouring of the sacredness of animals. They olde ones help us to connect with source to learn how animals can help us heal, grow and remember truly why we are on this earht walk together. 

We are all able to walk this path. It is for everyone to be a bridge between the worlds. 



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Always a smile when I am working with my pet pals!
All your Animal Communication needs in one place:
  • Basic animal communications

  • Behavioural Sessions

  • Grief Counselling for pet owners

  • readings with families of pets that have passed away

  • Energy healing and Reiki for animals In office and distance

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