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Hi Everyone!


My name is Angel Morgan and ever since I was a child I have loved animals. I didn't realize what a unique ability

I had until I was an adult and went to Peru where i was told that I would be working with and talking to animals. I didn't believe them...Until I accidentally ended up in an animal communications class...yes, accidentally.


I was at a gathering and guests were signing their names in binders. Not wanting to be rude, so did I. a few weeks later I received the following email, "Don't forget you have an animal communications class coming up next week! Can't wait to see you there!" I was in shock and my friend who was there at the time encouraged (okay forced) me to go. I thought she was crazy!

I went to disprove this. Talking to Animals?!? Yeah right!

By the end of the weekend long intensive course I was convinced! what convinced me was the turtle I had spoke too. My friend and I got the same shell backed assignment and without seeing each others work...we got the same information. This happened with others who had been teamed up to speak with other species. Over and over again, I was shown how real this was. 

Like the shaman had promised, within 6 weeks of that that course I was working professionally as a communicator and have been helping my animal friends of all species! 

Life is wonderful!

Thank you for coming to visit my site and reading my story. I hope you enjoy your stay. I look forward to meeting you!




Welcome to my world!

This Is My Story...

All your Animal Communication needs in one place:
  • Basic animal communications

  • Behavioural Sessions

  • Grief Counselling for pet owners

  • readings with families of pets that have passed away

  • Energy healing and Reiki for animals In office and distance

We invite you to book with us...

Booking is easy! Follow this link to our full menus of services and check out what Angel offers you and your animal family!

If you own or run a facility there are options for you too! Whether you have a barn full of horses, a reserve, or a veterinarian of any type anywhere in the world. Angel can accommodate!

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