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Welcome To My World

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My name is Angel, 

I talk to animals of every species all over the world. 



Each communicator has a forté. I love my domestics, my specialty is exotics. My interest is to expand my work and to be of service. It is to make people aware of the wonderful lives these amazing creatures have with you, and how important your work is. I want to share the animal perspective and your insights on them. This is why I ask for no monetary compensation. This is my give back for the wonderful life and opportunities I have been given to date. 

Animals of all species have something they wish to impart. They have wants, needs, and emotions that they would like to express. My path is to give them a voice. One that will help to enhance your work and their lives. 

I am also in the media. I would like to do a reading with animals of your choice and perhaps contact some of those on my end to do a story about what your, and their, experiences were with me. 


I am located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and can work virtually or in-facility for you and the animals in your care.

For 20 + years I have worked as a healer (for both animals and humans), psychic, and animal communicator.  I have worked and trained with Peruvian medicine people and native aboriginal elders.


Over the years I have taught animal communications, worked in radio with Newstalk 1010, and hosted my own television show centring around the work I do. I have been the official animal communicator for the Canadian Pet Expo and currently for Woofstock.

I am excited to see what new animal friends I can make, and which humans will come on this amazing journey with me. 


Here are a few links on my site that will help you learn a bit more about who I am and what I love to do!  

I excited and looking forward to hearing from you!

Angel Morgan

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Angel's Animal

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